Tecnocarp with Confapi: together to fight coronavirus

Companies are made of people.
Team Tecnocarp and Confapi are proud to announce that Euro 100,000 have been raised to contrast the Covid-19 emergency.

Confapi Piacenza, the Association of Small and Medium Enterprises in the Piacenza area, has managed to raise Euro 100,000 for the Hospital of Piacenza. A great number of enterprises has answered to Confapi’s call, led by the President Cristian Camisa and General Director Andrea Paparo. The aim is giving concrete help to the Piacenza hospital “Guglielmo da Saliceto”, which is currently tackling the covid-19 epidemics with all of its resources. The once-called Coronavirus originally spread in Italy in the Codogno area, which is just a few kilometres north from Piacenza. Its proximity to the region Lombardia made Piacenza one of the areas which are now contrasting the virus with the major efforts.

The important sum raised by Confapi will be used to buy “six hospital beds, two of which for the intensive care unit, a pulmonary ventilator and other medical devices. It was the Local Public Health Service to advise us on what they needed most” explains Mr. Camisa.

It all started just a couple of days ago, with the President’s request to all Confapi associates to donate to the hospital fund raising. The enterprises’ answer has been extraordinary and able to raise Euro 100,000 in a very short time.

“Our enterpreneurs have been so generous, that we will be able to do even more” adds Mr. Camisa “we want to use the surplus sum to help all doctors and healthcare professionals of our hospital”.

Mr. Paparo, General Director of Confapi, concludes “The current situation is critical, because the spreading of the virus puts enormous pressure on our healthcare service, because of the great number of infected patients. This is why we asked our associates to give a strong signal of attachment to our territory: their answer has been extraordinary, beyond any expectation. The sum raised shows how our association is present and has strong roots in the local communities in any moment. Even the most difficult, as the present day.”

From “Libertà” 2020/03/15