About us

CML Innovazioni’s engineering division, a technical mechanical design office, was founded in 2000 by a team of technical engineers with over twenty years of experience gained in renowned metal & wood working machinery production firms.

CML Innovazioni currently researches & develops projects for a variety of industrial companies in various mechanical fields.
We use the latest 2D-3D CAD systems for planning and designing.
For verification and comparison we provide FEM vibrational and structural analysis, carried out internally by our highly skilled staff with degrees & many years of experience in this field, who are able to assess the data provided by computer analysis as well as perform traditional tests.

Our company is located in a recently built industrial complex which allows us to use modern operating structures & benefit from highly specialised personnel.
Through collaboration with the other companies in the Team, in addition to technical drawings we also supply prototypes or finished products.
CML Innovazioni’s Production Division, founded in 2007, provides customers with finished products that have been designed, analysed & CE certified, inclusive of any necessary structural calculations and FEM analysis.

Today CML Innovazioni continues to evolve becoming part of a Team.

Five companies, all of whom are renowned in their line of work, have joined forces and formed a Team that represents a single point of contact for all customer requirements:

  • CML Innovazioni with its CAD/CAM design and FEM calculation department
  • BAMU s.r.o. with its ability to build steel metalwork structures
  • TECNOCARP with its experience in medium-large metalwork structures
  • ARES with its chip removal machining centres
  • CIPRIND with its submerged arc welding expertise