Analysis and calculation

CML Innovazioni is able to optimize the production process of individual components, supporting the planning phases through structural, kinematic & dynamic analysis.

The parametric solid modeling & the numeric analysis for finished elements of structural components, have been a valuable aid for mechanical design for a long time.
The subdivision of the continuous solids in a finite number of elements (mesh) allows you to reconduct the determination of the structural response to the numerical solution of a problem having a finite number of degrees of freedom.
This procedure allows you to analyse general problems possibly characterised by very complex geometries, for which the analytical determination of the stress-strain response would be impossible.


CML Innovazioni offers the complete integration of these design tools even at an early stage, before the prototypes are built, which allows geometries optimized in shape & weight to be defined, to quickly and consistently manage any changes, to reduce production costs & to improve the performance of the parts being built.

Each analysis is accompanied by a technical report containing assumptions, calculation methods & results obtained.